Serra Soothing Cream (50ml)

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Lamelle Serra Soothing Cream provides unparalleled skin barrier support in helping to reduce skin dryness and discomfort. It has anti-itch effects, anti-redness benefits, reduces skin sensitivity, and is anti-inflammatory. Suitable for exceptionally dry, sensitive, inflamed, atopic, or allergic skin and to correct the skin barrier. Not recommended for oily acne-prone skin.


Key Ingredients: 
Ceramide-P, Urea and Essential Fatty Acids.

How to Use:

Apply immediately after cleansing – to trap the moisture on your skin after cleansing. If you suffer from dry skin you might experience a slight tingle.



When to use:

Management of dry and sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis

Skin Type:

Normal, dry and sensitive


Morning and Evening

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