Lamelle Essential Cleansing Oil

R 525

Lamelle Essential Cleansing Oil is an oil-to-milk pre-cleanse emulsifier that prevents skin from drying out. Helping to dissolve dirt, excess oils, and residue, it also effectively removes eye and face make-up. Suitable for all skin types.


  1. Squalene
  2. Avocado Perseose
  3. Vitamins C & E

How to use:

  • Apply a few drops of oil onto dry hands and massage the oil into your skin to initiate the dissolving process.
  • Concentrate this cleanser on the areas where there is congestion.
  • After thoroughly massaging the oil, wet your hands with water and gently emulsify the the cleanser into a milky emulsion.
  • Special Precautions: DO NOT use this product in the eye area with eyelash extensions as the product will release bonds that the glue creates and extensions will come off.

When to use:

Morning and Evening 

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