Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream

R 520

Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream effectively restores the functioning of the skin’s natural barrier after temporary disruptions resulting from chemical peels, laser therapy or microdermabrasion. Suitable for very dry and impaired skin.


Ultra-Pure Medical Grade Lanolin (Medilan®) which is an extraordinary natural emollient that is able to imitate many of the functions of human skin lipids. Medilan® is nearly twice as effective as the physiological lipids in human skin. It has been shown to maintain skin hydration for up to 2 days after application. Medilan® has also been shown to increase the rate of epidermal healing by 35% due to its ability to create a moist wound-healing environment. Studies have shown no allergic or irritant skin reactions, even in severely compromised skin.


How to use


  • With clean hands, rub a quantity of the Barrier Repair Cream between the fingers to warm the cream before applying to the affected area.
  • A thin layer of cream is applied two times daily until the flaking and /or dryness has subsided.
  • Long term use of Barrier Repair Cream will rapidly enhance skin function and appearance.

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