Hyperpigmented Skin Kit

R 702 R 878

The Kalahari Hyperpigmented Skin Starter Kit has everything you need to treat skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

We have developed a highly effective dual treatment approach with a combination of innovative ingredients. Bearberry extract inhibits the production of melanin and Carob leaf extract reduces tyrosinase activity. The Skin Brightening Gel also contains Salicylic acid which exfoliates the pore lining and Devils Claw extract which dramatically reduces inflammation.

• 20ml Facial Cleanser
• 20ml Enzyme Face Buff
• 25ml Toning Lotion
• 20ml Nourishing Face & Neck Mask
• 35ml Skin Brightening Gel
• 20ml Hydralite Moisturiser
• 20ml SPF40
• 1x Eco Elastic Head Band

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