Helase 50+

R 600

Lamelle Helase 50 is a DNA repair sunscreen that has the ability to not only prevent sun damage but to also repair damaged DNA, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the full solar radiation spectrum including Visible Light and Infrared radiation. Suitable for all skin types except very oily skins.

Key Ingredients: 

3x UVA and 3x UVB sunscreens (SPF 50), Aging molecule inhibitor, Pycnogenol(R) (Super antioxidant)

How to Use:

Apply in the morning over your serum and moisturiser. If you are in the sun, reapply every two to four hours.



When to use:

High risk of skin cancer or burning, protection from the full spectrum of sunlight

Skin Type:



Mornings post serum and moisturiser

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