Correctives RA 5.0 (30ml)

R 1,145


Key Ingredients: 
5% Patented retinoic acid analogue in a lipid-based serum

How to Use:

After cleansing and drying skin, apply 2–3 small pea-sized drops of the serum directly onto your skin with the dropper. Massage lightly to spread it over your skin and allow it to penetrate. Apply a NON-retinoid containing night cream over top of your serum. It is essential to wash your skin in the morning and use a broad-spectrum sunscreen when using retinoid on your skin.

Pregnancy due to RA ester

When to use:
Signs of ageing - epidermal turnover and removal of elastosis

Skin Type:

Evenings only with other non retinoid moisturiser

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