A Story of Ethical Beauty

Charinne Bailie is the owner and founder of Indulge in Beauty, a boutique online store that celebrates locally sourced South African skincare brands. 

As a salon owner and qualified therapist, Charinne has over 12 years of reputable industry experience. Harnessing her entrepreneurial spirit, Charinne’s online store is a platform for true sustainability for local businesses and communities, whilst promoting skincare solutions that are effective in a South African climate. 

Indulge celebrates ethical beauty that goes beyond product lines, reaching through to eco-friendly packaging and personal touches. Every product recommendation and hand packed box comes directly from Charinne, with love and care. 

Experience with many of the world’s leading skincare brands led Charinne to fall in love with Kalahari & Lamelle. Not only do the brands align with all the ethics of her business, but its results are exceptional too. 

As a wife and mother of 2 young boys, Charinne’s online store allows her to spend more time with family, whilst managing a thriving business that profoundly changes lives, and treads gently on the planet.

‘When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream’

With love xx