Founded by Dr. Bradley Wagemaker and Tony De Barros, Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that produces highly advanced products for both the professional and consumer aesthetic skincare market, both locally and increasingly internationally.

Lamelle is known for having introduced many firsts to the South African market, through constant yet systematic and transparent innovation.


Evidence-Based Innovation

Combining the elements of well-researched interventions, clinical experience, ethics and in-depth knowledge of the client and consumer’s needs, Lamelle continuously pushes the boundaries of what products in the medical aesthetics industry can achieve, consistently delivering first-to-market products.

Lamelle’s products are developed through a rigorous program of research, review, meticulous production and constant improvement. But one of the core reasons Lamelle is able to do this stems from a deep understanding of how the body and the skin works, as well as a constant drive,  to gain even more insight. 

The Leader that Connects and Empowers

One of the first things consumers note about Lamelle aesthetic skincare products are that you can’t purchase them directly from Lamelle. Neither are they available on shop shelves or from mass-market retailers. That’s because the products are so active and precise that individualised assessment and personalised recommendation by a trained professional is key in achieving the best and safest results.

Lamelle products are exclusively available through a nationwide network of skin care professionals, from therapists to dermatologists and doctors, that are able to accurately assess each individual’s skin and make customised product recommendations for effective treatment.

Lamelle’s in-house training programme enables and empowers everyone in the medical aesthetics industry, from the renowned plastic surgeon to the newly started, small skincare therapy clinic, to fully understand how the skin functions and how the various products can deliver results that address the individual’s needs